About Us

Doors of Hope Foundation started back in 2017 as a charity organization based on women empowerment programs giving the girl child the sense of belonging in the community. As time went by, the organization started expanding its activities towards environmental protection after realizing that women, children are the most affected when it comes to the negative impacts of Climate Change. We realized that you can not achieve protecting women, children and girls without them being in a healthy environment and appreciating all the surroundings.

Natural resources protection became another great project of the organization in August 2018 where we were able to plant around 500 trees of some of the endangered species. This was our first project that we did in partnership with different organizations from Kenya.

What we do:

We work to reach those furthest from necessary services and opportunities by working with their caregivers and the community around them. This helps these vulnerable groups build better lives for themselves, grow their resilience, and cultivate lasting change.

Our focus is to build inclusive and resilient communities where children, women, and girls with disabilities can thrive. We envision a fully inclusive Africa where children, women, and girls with disabilities can realize their maximum potential.

Our centers are located at the heart of the communities we operate in and are within a short distance from the targeted households, breaking the barrier of accessibility to critical services.

Our Mission

Continue working in solidarity with the communities, government and individuals by educating and supporting people in reaching their goals of a sustainable world.

Our Vision

Envision a sustainable World free from poverty for future generations.