Trees for Birthdays

Trees are the lifeline and lungs of Our Earth – As part of a holistic ‘ecosystem’ of climate action,Trees are vital to help remedy the current situation facing the World (Climate Change)

Trees For Birthdays (TfB) is a new initiative between Tanzania and Scotland to empower climate action by bringing communities together through planting and nurturing trees (and other valuable plants). We know the soul soothing benefits of connecting with nature. We know the importance of love and community for quality of life. We know we are in a Climate Crisis, but that there is absolutely much more we can all do to SaveOurSpecies!

Through our Trees for Birthdays initiative of environmental conservation and Climate Change, we aim to develop and app that will be used by the Foundation and other organizations, individuals and companies at a fee to track their trees and activities that they do for the environment, Children, Youths and Women.

Climate Change Education and Resilience

The CCEC is our response to the Climate Emergency that has been declared worldwide & the Eco-Grief we feel as a result of the myriad of crises our beautiful world faces right now. We know that change happens through empowering local communities to come together and secure their future. We see education as a critical route to this…but not as a stand alone element. Our vision for the CCEC is that the education, awareness, and potential solutions we provide are shared by our school students with their parents and their local community… as a catalyst for taking grassroots action on the elements that matter most to them. Every student, and each community will take something different from the CCEC curriculum, BUT everyone will be inspired and guided to take meaningful grassroots action. And it is this which will deliver the change towards a liveable future for all our world needs right now.


Menstrual Hygiene Management

Basic menstrual hygiene is a crucial part of woman’ well being and dignity that every woman should have the right to have access to. Despite the efforts that our Government put in place to solve menstrual hygiene issues in our communities , still it has been a challenge to many areas around Tanzania. However, poor menstrual hygiene is still a situation that many girls from low-income families face in Tanzania today. This is mainly due to the lack of accessibility, right commodities and information about menstrual hygiene, culture, social taboos and high costs of pads.

The sun setting through a dense forest.
Wind turbines standing on a grassy plain, against a blue sky.
The sun shining over a ridge leading down into the shore. In the distance, a car drives down a road.


Providing a sustainable solution on tackling menstrual hygiene issues of school girls, through making basic menstrual hygiene available and affordable to a large number of schools in the country and empowering women by creating job opportunities.